Item 214 – Reflection Collage

Over the course of the Hunt, you have accomplished so much! From overcoming fears to taking on the impossible to helping change hundreds of lives, this week has been a LOT. So for this Item, we want you to reflect on yourself – literally. Make a collage around your reflection on a mirror that reflects all the good things about you and your teammates & what you’ve accomplished this week. (You may submit a single gisher doing this as your Item or submit a collage of as many teammates as you like doing this.)

Item 213 – FOG Awards

It’s time for the first-ever FOG Awards! Find another team that has done any Item (that’s been allowed to be posted on social media) that you particularly admire and award them a Fellowship of Outstanding Gishing Award, complete with a virtual trophy or certificate. Post it on social media and tell them what you admire & tag them. You may do as many as you like, but submit a screenshot of just one of these.

Item 186 – GISH University (Team Photo 2018)

CALLING ALL GISHERS: You’re enrolled in GISH U! On Day 1 of the Hunt, everyone on your team should identify a skill you’ve always meant to learn but have NEVER tried. During the course of the Hunt, you will take one meaningful step toward learning that chosen skill. Submit a collage showing you all attempting your newfound skills.

Item 184 – Siri Gossip

Siri and Alexa and Cortana are always so helpful, but after being on call 24/7 for so long, lately we’ve noticed they’re all starting to get an attitude… in fact, you just caught them gossiping about you. The video will show at least two devices (for example, the Alexa and an iPhone) and we will hear them gossiping about you.