Item 5 – #HorrifyingBeauty

ZOOM LIVESCREAM. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31, 12:00 PM PT: Monsters, Makeup & Mayhem With Victoria Righthand!
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Livescream Challenge: The only difference between “monsters” and “non-monsters” is society’s tired standard of “stereotypical” beauty, and it’s time we retire this expectation of physical beauty. Make an Instagram grid of at least 6 images showing #HorrifyingBeauty looks of lovely monsters (using makeup skills you learned here). You can use makeup, nontoxic skin-safe paint, or food/condiments or whatever’s within your claws to achieve your looks.

Item 258 – Get #GISH Trending

We’re not above shameless self-promotion, and it’s our 10th annual Hunt so let’s go out with a bang this year. Get #GISH trending in the Top 10 on Twitter before the Hunt closes. Submit a screenshot of your contribution (a tweet showing the tag, timestamped between 9:30 and 10:30 PM PT) and a link to your tweet.

Item 250 – Friendship Bracelet of Hope

The stress of the pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of many, and a lot of people have been spending a lot of extra time in isolation – so it’s important to be our own best friends. Weave a message of hope, strength, or resilience into a friendship bracelet to remind yourself to be kind to yourself and that you are loved. (Then, make a matching one for someone you know who is feeling lonely.)

Item 246 – Flower Petal Toss

SLOW MOTION. In a bowl filled almost to overflowing with water, write a message about humanity’s interdependence (e.g., We Are One, Love Each Other, etc. – but not those phrases) using flower petals, leaves, or other materials, by floating them on the surface of the water. Show the message and then, in slow motion, toss the water out so your message gets dispersed. (Like this!)