GISH Play-at-Home Round 2 – Item 15 – GISH Insta-Party Projectile Delivery System

Quarantine birthday parties used to be a bummer, but thanks to the GISH Insta-Party Projectile Delivery SystemTM, staying far away is no problem! ‘Launch’ a virtual birthday party including a present and a decorated cake or cupcake to the Birthday Person (in person, at least 12 feet away).

GISH Play-at-Home Round 2 – Item 14 – Negative COVID-19 Yelp Review

Unleash your inner Karen on the pandemic. Leave a negative review for COVID-19 on Yelp! Upload an image of a screenshot of your review. This is a first come, first serve item. If Yelp! won’t let you review COVID anymore, don’t panic – there are plenty of other items to accomplish.

GISH Play-at-Home Round 2 – Item 13 – GISH Virtual Travel Enterprises

Despite our ingenious use of Amazon boxes in our first mini-Hunt, we know your homes are still stuffed with empty, useless boxes. Let’s repurpose them while giving a huge gift to your neighborhood: the gift of virtual travel. Using scissors, tape, coloring, and your ingenuity, create an internationally-recognized building, statue or monument and place it somewhere in your neighborhood (even if it’s simply in your yard or in front of your building) so people can enjoy beautiful tourist architecture without ever leaving the block. Take a picture with you sitting in front of it holding a sign saying ‘GISH VIRTUAL TRAVEL ENTERPRISES’.

GISH Play-at-Home Round 2 – Item 12 – Home Adventure Map

Our homes and neighborhoods are our entire world right now, but that shouldn’t stop us from having adventures – and every adventure starts with an epic, Tolkein-style adventure map. Create an adventure map of your home (including your yard, if you have one) – including the light and the dark places. – Monica D.

GISH Play-at-Home Round 2 – Item 10 – Face Mask Pet Fashion

Eventually (maybe years from now) face masks won’t be needed as much as they are now, but it would be such a waste if they all went to landfills. USING AN OLD FACEMASK THAT IS NO LONGER USABLE, devise a fashion accessory for your pet. – Emily

GISH Play-at-Home Round 2 – Item 9 – Stressed-Out Stress Management

Anxiety and stress are at a new high due to the pandemic. People deal with stress differently but we all need to be doing something, and right now we should be doing a lot more of it. Show us one thing you do to manage your stress – for example, squeezing a stress ball. But do that thing so furiously that just watching your video stresses me out. (Of course, now you can’t do that suggestion. Sorry…)

GISH Play-at-Home Round 2 – Item 8 – Follow Panelists on Social Media

“If you’re inspired by them, follow any or all our Racial Inequality & Injustice panelists on social media and submit an image or grid of screenshots proving you’re following. Following one person on your team gets you 15 points. If one person on your team follows everyone and submits a grid of screenshots – or a single screenshot – proving they’re following all the panelists, your team can receive up to 90 points..

Daryl Davis

Baratunde Thurston

Rev. Deborah Johnson

Briona Jenkins

GISH Play-at-Home Round 2 – Item 7 – Conversation on Race

IMAGE GRID. Attend the 3:00pm PT panel with our guests, a Conversation on Race with Daryl Davis, Baratunde Thurston, Rev. Deborah Johnson, Briona Jenkins, Jensen Ackles, and Danneel Ackles. As many members of your team as possible should attend! You’ll get bonus points for every additional person on your team that you get to watch. (If the room is full, go here to watch live) Take a screenshot of every person on your team who attended with the stream in the background as proof of attendance. Submit a grid of images if there is more than one person on your team watching. Your team will receive 20 points per person watching so your team can receive up to 300 POINTS.