GISHMAS 2016 – Item 6 – Local Statue in Ugly Sweater

12 Days of Gishmas 2016 - Item 6 - Ugly Sweater Statue

Baby, it’s cold outside! Let’s see a local statue wearing a garish “ugly” sweater.

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LISH 2016 – Item 11 – New Podcast Review

Creating something for the enjoyment of others is a difficult thing to do, made harder by not always getting encouraging feedback. PODCAST EDITION: Find a podcast on iTunes that you’ve never listened to and that doesn’t yet have any reviews. Listen to as many episodes as you feel necessary to inform your opinion and leave a sincere five-star review (if it doesn’t deserve five stars, find another podcast that does; no negativity or dishonesty in this item). Send a screenshot of your review, complete with write-up.



LISH 2016 – Item 1 – Dinosaurs at a Historic Site

Visit a historic site you’ve never been to before. Learn about its history and take photographs. Use the photographs in a collage depicting the history of the location. All people in the collage must be depicted as dinosaurs. Caption the image with a brief history of the site.