Item 246 – Flower Petal Toss

SLOW MOTION. In a bowl filled almost to overflowing with water, write a message about humanity’s interdependence (e.g., We Are One, Love Each Other, etc. – but not those phrases) using flower petals, leaves, or other materials, by floating them on the surface of the water. Show the message and then, in slow motion, toss the water out so your message gets dispersed. (Like this!)

Item 204 – GISH University Sophomore Year

(60 SECONDS) It’s time for GISH University, Sophomore Year! Every one of your teammates is talented at something unique to them that no one else knows how to do. Find out what your unique talents are and feature those in a cut together video. Video can be no longer than 1 minute so make sure you budget each team member’s time closely.

Item 196 – Territory Acknowledgement

(MONTAGE) No matter where you live, chances are you live on someone’s indigenous land — but unless you are an indigenous person, you may not even know it. One person member of your team is to research the region you live in and discover more about whose traditional territory they live on. (Native-land is a good place to start if you’re in North America.) Then, make a territory acknowledgement of the area. If you are an indigenous person, please introduce yourself and your territory.