Item 36 – GISH Global Prom Night

A lot of young adults missed their annual prom, so we’re doing something about that. Tonight is GISH Global Prom Night! Dress in your gishiest attire and coordinate with other teams to create the biggest virtual dance party you can – and make sure to invite at least one graduate! Submit a grid photo of at least five members of your team, dressed to impress in your best 80’s style awkward-prom look, as proof you were there. Submit a grid of images.

Item 35 – #PassTheBallot Challenge

It’s the #PassTheBallot Challenge! Get at least 5 Americans to pledge to vote via mail-in ballot and if possible in their location, request a mail-in or absentee ballot, then take a video passing a sign that says ‘I WILL VOTE’ between them. (Similarly, if you are not in the USA, and your country also does voter registration, do the same.) Add upbeat music and post on social media tagged #PassTheBallotChallenge and #GISH, then send US the original video.

Item 34 – Elderly Favorites Interview

Edit to 2 minutes. Immunocompromised and elderly people are facing more isolation and stress than ever. Reach out to someone elderly or immunocompromised in your community in a video chat who has been on total lockdown and video interview them on the topic of favorites. What is their favorite ice cream? Favorite color and why? Favorite movie and why? Favorite day that they remember? Etc

Item 33 – Socially-Distanced Makeover

Edit to 20 seconds. There’s no reason this lock-down should put a crimp on our beauty routines. That being said, we don’t want to risk the health of salon workers. Let’s show the world how to do a socially-distanced makeover – hair, makeup, nails, whatever. You must be at least 6 feet away from your customer and you must show the before and after ‘looks’ your customer receives.

Item 32 – YOU-rovision

(UP TO 30 SECONDS) Eurovision got canceled, but who needs it? YOU-rovision is here now. Write and perform an original, uplifting song of hope using instruments of your own creation. The 3 teams whose songs we like best will be featured on our GISH YouTube Channel and social media, so that’s basically the exact same level of fame and fortune as Eurovision used to be.

Item 31 – Busy Clones

GISH keeps you so busy, you need to clone yourself to get the List done! Create a single image compositing at least 3 iterations of yourself working to completing a GISH mini hunt Item – at the beginning of the Item, in the middle, and with the completed Item, all in the same picture as though it’s happening at the same time. -Erin

Item 27 – National Anthem Milk Gargle

Let’s see you Zoom an acapella concert of you and some or all of your teammates doing perfectly synchronized (meaning you all start at the same moment) ‘gargling’ of milk for exactly 10 seconds of whatever your national anthem might be. – Inspired by Ashtynn A.