Item 63 – Diversity Book Read

Institutional racism creates disparities in the educational system that put people of color at a disadvantage. Purchase one of the following childrens’ books and either read it to your children, or if you don’t have any children, donate it to the library of a public school or to a public library (if you order online you may have the book shipped directly to the school or library). Submit a screenshot of the order page. – Jennifer W. 29
“Don’t touch my hair” – Sharee Miller, “Something Happened in my Town” – Marianne Celano, Marietta Collins, Ann Hazzard “The Name Jar” – Yangsook Choi “The Color of Us” – Karen Katz “Not my Idea” – Anastasia Higginbotham “I am enough” – Grace Byers “Julian is a Mermaid” – Jessica Love “Mommy’s Khimar” – Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow “Rapunzel” – Chloe Perkins “Big Hair, Don’t Care” – Crystal Swain-Bates

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