GISHMAS 2019 – Item 15 – Misfit Toy

Misfit Toys are all the rage, and you’ve got the hottest toy out there this year. Package a loved one in toy packaging complete with a bow and ribbons and place them under the tree or on a store shelf. Your “toy box” or label should indicate what makes that person inside unique and wonderful.

Mario and Megan

GISHMAS 2019 – Item 11 – Gingerbread Parachute Milk Dunk

Successfully dunk a holiday gingerbread person cookie into a standard-sized glass of milk from a height of at least 2 stories. The cookie must have a parachute for safety reasons.


Item 9 – Bee Saloon

“Bee-drinking poles are all the rage, but your neighborhood bees deserve to really unwind. Create a bee bar – a bee “saloon on a pole” using recycled bottle caps. Install it somewhere public. – Item Written By Misha’s Mom

NOTE: For the safety of the bees, our resident apiarists ask that you please use sanitized lids with no chemicals or beverage residue on them, and plain water (not sugar water).”

Item 127 – Little Free Library

Create a Little Free Library ( or Little Free Pantry ( in your community. One catch: include a bookmark in every book explaining why you included it & something spoiler-free you love about that book, and each shelf-stable food item you stock in the pantry must include a note with a recipe and words of encouragement. – Inspired by April B.

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