GISH Play-at-Home Round 2 – Item 15 – GISH Insta-Party Projectile Delivery System

Quarantine birthday parties used to be a bummer, but thanks to the GISH Insta-Party Projectile Delivery SystemTM, staying far away is no problem! ‘Launch’ a virtual birthday party including a present and a decorated cake or cupcake to the Birthday Person (in person, at least 12 feet away).

GISH Play-at-Home Round 1 – Item 23 – Grand Master of the Organized Refrigerator

If you were to win the gold medal for “Grand Master Of The Organized Refrigerator” with your food somehow stacked, ordered or displayed using some type of beautiful, unique, or jaw-dropping organizational display or filing system, what would it look like? – Inspired by Tricia.

GISH Play-at-Home Round 1 – Item 22 – Wonder of the House Selfie

Use household items (books, boxes, kitchen utensils, anything…) to create one of the natural or man-made wonders of the world and take a selfie in front of it as if you’re a tourist. Feel free to use forced perspective to speak to its majestic grandeur.

GISH Play-at-Home Round 1 – Item 9 – Construct a Child’s Fantasy Castle

Children have massive imaginations, so let’s give them the real estate to build a magical realm. Construct a castle out of popsicle sticks, cardboard, cards, or other (preferably recycled) materials and have them pose, dressed as their fantasy character, next to their new land acquisition.

Behind the Scenes

GISHMAS 2019 – Item 15 – Misfit Toy

Misfit Toys are all the rage, and you’ve got the hottest toy out there this year. Package a loved one in toy packaging complete with a bow and ribbons and place them under the tree or on a store shelf. Your “toy box” or label should indicate what makes that person inside unique and wonderful.

Mario and Megan

GISHMAS 2019 – Item 11 – Gingerbread Parachute Milk Dunk

Successfully dunk a holiday gingerbread person cookie into a standard-sized glass of milk from a height of at least 2 stories. The cookie must have a parachute for safety reasons.