Item 197 – GISH Camp Cabin Group Photo

(COLLAGE – COLLABORATIVE) Anyone that knows the House system, Hogwarts houses, or political partisanship knows that life can be pretty cut-throat. GISH Camp is an escape from most things, but it’s still cut-throat and Cabin Pride is a big deal. Coordinate with as many members of your Cabin (not TEAM) as you can to take a massive “group picture” together. We know group projects are terrible. But we’re confident your cabin can figure it out.

Item 48 – Drop in for Dinner

Just because we’re sheltering-in-place doesn’t mean we can’t drop in on each other for dinner (virtually). Download the GISH App and use the GEOChat feature to pop in on 5 random strangers in 5 different countries. Find out how they’re doing, how sheltering in place is going in their country, and get the recipe of their favorite quarantine comfort food, then submit them to all us as a page for our #QuarantineCookbook.

Make sure you let us know which country each recipe came from!

Item 147 – #WeJustMetGala

COLLABORATIVE. The evening of Sunday, July 28 is the event of the year: the #WeJustMetGala! Get together with Gishers in your area at your local museum in the strangest, fanciest attire you can create—go so all-out, you make Billy Porter jealous. Roll out the red carpet and a banner, then convince strangers passing by to pose with you for red carpet pictures. Be fabulous! We must see the museum in the background, and there must be paparazzi. Post your images and videos to social media and tag #WeJustMetGala, #GISH & @theebillyporter, then submit your image or video to us with the link to your social media post in the comments.

Item 111 – GISH Community Bazaar

SIDE-BY-SIDE. COLLABORATIVE. Swap-meet day! Use the GISH app to coordinate with at least 5 other Gishers in your area to meet up and hold a yard sale. Except, this is not a yard-sale, it’s a yard-giveaway: the GISH Community Bazaar. Bring as many items as you can bear to part with and set up shop. And remember, no money must change hands and no bartering! All items must be gifted to passers-by and everything must go!

Item 213 – FOG Awards

It’s time for the first-ever FOG Awards! Find another team that has done any Item (that’s been allowed to be posted on social media) that you particularly admire and award them a Fellowship of Outstanding Gishing Award, complete with a virtual trophy or certificate. Post it on social media and tell them what you admire & tag them. You may do as many as you like, but submit a screenshot of just one of these.

Item 48 – Human Rainbow

Connect with at least 6 people from opposing teams in your area to create a human rainbow in a public space. Each team’s representative(s) must be entirely clad in a different color, (one team should be red, one orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). All participating teams get the points. Somewhere in the picture, include a sign with a message of love, unity, and support for the LGBTQIA members of our community. Accompanying text must list usernames of all participants. Post your rainbow moment on social media using: #GISHumanity

Item 39 – Lost Train of Thought

Create at least one MISSING flyer for a “LOST TRAIN OF THOUGHT” with at least 15 tear-off tabs at the bottom; on each tab should be your team name and a single, repeated word— it can be a verb, noun, conjunction— you get the idea. Post the location of your flyer(s) on the GISH app AND social media tagged #LostTrainOfThought, then search for other teams’ flyers and collect at least 3 tear-off tabs from 3 different flyers (don’t take more than one tab off any flyer you find and don’t tear a tab of your team’s flyer). Arrange the pieces you’ve collected into a short statement or short collaborative poem, which you should submit as an image. The more unique tabs you collect from different flyers, the higher the points you’ll receive.


Behind the Scenes

Item 21 – Matching Painting Avatars

Use the GISH APP for this item if possible. Starting on Tuesday morning at 9AM PDT change your avatar to your favorite painting by Cezanne, Monet or Van Gogh. Find someone on the planet (who is not on your team) who has uploaded the exact same painting. Don’t change your painting once you’ve picked it or plan out your painting in advance with other gishers. That’s not the point of this Item. Screenshot your profile page (and have them do the same) and then submit them side by side. Your team must have at least 6 individuals with matching paintings. (Not on the GISH App? Take on this Item on social media tagged #GISHWorkOfArt.)