Item 42 – What is GISH? Essay

What is GISH? We’re not exactly sure, but we sure want to read what you think it is. Write a 250-500 word essay and have it published to, as an op-ed in your local paper, or on any other curated blogging site (cannot be just a social media post). Your essay must employ the following phrases, “unreasonable pain and suffering,” and “it seemed like a good idea at the time.” Submit a screenshot of your essay and provide a link to your public post in the comments.

Item 37 – Cooking Challenge

What’s something that you’ve never cooked or baked because it just seemed too daunting or difficult? Something you would never even begin to attempt to create no matter how good a chef you were. Cook that thing. Submit a side-by-side image showing what you created in one image; in the other, an example of an expert-level creation of the same food.

Item 34 – Balloon d’Or

The Ballon d’Or, France’s highest football award, will not be awarded this year due to COVID shutting down the season for so many players. But that never stopped Gishers! So we’re awarding the Balloon d’Or – a contest pitting teams from every cabin against one another. Over Zoom, each team member must attempt to keep a balloon suspended in mid-air without clever edits and without touching it – breath-propulsion only, please. The GISH Team to keep their balloons aloft the longest will win the 2020 GISH Ballon d’Or. Submit your video with a comment stating how long the balloon was held aloft by your best player.

Item 33 – My Merit Badges

You have Merit, too! There are so many things you know how to do, and do well — as well as many things that you are just good at naturally, like being a good friend. Create a sash and decorate it with two or more merit badges identifying all the things about yourself that you are proud of. If the badges don’t make it clear, make sure to list their meaning in a footnote at the bottom of the image.