Item 197 – GISH Camp Cabin Group Photo

(COLLAGE – COLLABORATIVE) Anyone that knows the House system, Hogwarts houses, or political partisanship knows that life can be pretty cut-throat. GISH Camp is an escape from most things, but it’s still cut-throat and Cabin Pride is a big deal. Coordinate with as many members of your Cabin (not TEAM) as you can to take a massive “group picture” together. We know group projects are terrible. But we’re confident your cabin can figure it out.

Item 98 – Team Photo 2019 (GISHémon Cards)

(GRID). The hot new trading card battle game is GISHémon! Create a trading card for each of your team mates with their photo and stats (location, Gisher type, powers, etc.) as the powerful kindness monsters they are. We must see each teammate’s unobscured face for it to count.

Item 186 – GISH University (Team Photo 2018)

CALLING ALL GISHERS: You’re enrolled in GISH U! On Day 1 of the Hunt, everyone on your team should identify a skill you’ve always meant to learn but have NEVER tried. During the course of the Hunt, you will take one meaningful step toward learning that chosen skill. Submit a collage showing you all attempting your newfound skills.

Item 8 – Team Photo 2017

The year is 2021. Of all the unique and amazing human specimens on Earth, it was hard for the aliens to choose which ones to collect, but your team stood out as being excessively weird & worth “analysis”. Your entire team was abducted and put into an alien specimen box. In grid form, show each member of your team along with a card explaining where they got you (city, country) and a word stating what special characteristic makes you unique.

Item 114 – Team Photo 2016

Item 114 - Team Photo

Grid image of all 15 of your team members (5 rows of 3 columns). Let’s see each member of your team dressed in some way emblematic of that member’s state, region or country. For example, if a team member is from New York, the photo might show that member of the team wearing a yankees hat while eating a slice of pizza. If a member(s) of your team is MIA, feel free to add your favorite picture of Misha in their place – Jennifer Irving