Item 54 – Underwater Camping

Anyone can camp in the middle of the forest, but with wildfire season at a high, that’s just too risky, and campgrounds are too crowded. Pitch your tent underwater to be safe! We want to see it all: a tent, cooler, sleeping bags… and, of course, a lone camper, roasting marshmallows over a “campfire.”

Item 19 – Face Your Fears

CALLING ALL GISHERS: There’s one Thing you have always wanted to do, but you’re scared. Maybe it’s skydiving, riding a motorcycle, holding a tarantula, singing in public, or cliff diving… You get the idea. By the end of GISH week at least 3 gishers on your team will spit in the eye of fear, vanquish it and do their Thing. Submit a video compilation of each member of your team first explaining what they are scared to try (before they do it) and then, after they Do the Thing, telling us how it went.

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