GISH Play-at-Home Round 2 – Item 8 – Follow Panelists on Social Media

“If you’re inspired by them, follow any or all our Racial Inequality & Injustice panelists on social media and submit an image or grid of screenshots proving you’re following. Following one person on your team gets you 15 points. If one person on your team follows everyone and submits a grid of screenshots – or a single screenshot – proving they’re following all the panelists, your team can receive up to 90 points..

Daryl Davis

Baratunde Thurston

Rev. Deborah Johnson

Briona Jenkins

Item 213 – #RateGISHDogs

@dog_rates on Twitter & @weratedogs on Instagram rates dogs on their inherent dog attributes, but you know there’s a dog at your local shelter that deserves a 13/10 would take home forever rating. Go to your local shelter and identify the dog that has been there the longest or is most in need of a home. Take appealing photos or videos of your canine candidate and create the best, most shareable post you can of this good doggo, including information on how and where to adopt them. Post your creation tagging @WeRateDogs/@dog_rates, using #RateGISHDogs, and DM them your post as well, then submit a screenshot of your post. Bonus points if @WeRateDogs posts your dog before the end of the Hunt (send us THAT screenshot as proof instead if that’s so.) Double bonus points if you can prove the dog was adopted as a direct result.

Item 31 – #NeverTooOld

They say you’re too old to do that, but who cares what “they” say? You’ve always wanted to do it, so Do it… and have a blast! Show us on social media using both hashtags: #GISH #NeverTooOld

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Never too old to play in the pouring rain. #NeverTooOld #GISH #31

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Behind the Scenes

Item 17 – Peace Team

It’s a FUNDRAISING FLASH FLOOD! Peace Tea has partnered with Random Acts to create a deluge of kindness messages across social media. For each like on their Instagram or Facebook “Peace Team’s” links (on the page below), they’ll donate $1. For each share on Facebook or comment on Instagram, they’ll donate $2 to Random Acts. Your assignment: Convince at least 10 people (including members of your team) to go to each post and like, comment and/or share. Then upload a single image compilation of screenshots with every person’s contribution so we can track it.

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Facebook Post #1:
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