Item 65 – Distanced Duel

En garde! No campaign would be complete without an epic duel… but in this realm, the restrictions of the plague are still in effect! You and a friend must re-create part or all of a famous fantasy or cinematic duel using this effect. Post on TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter and tag #GISH and #GISHDistancedDuel

Item 114 – Kris Kringle Protest

Let’s face it, besides being totally real, Santa Claus is our way of preparing kids for a lifetime of annual performance reviews and merit-based bonuses. But the kids have had enough and now they’ve unionized. Show at least one child under 10 on strike at Kris Kringle’s house, protesting the meritocracy and demanding parity in presents for all children.

Item 70 – Family Obstacle Course Day 2.0

(TIMELAPSE) It’s time for Family Obstacle Course Day. 2.0! Nothing gets the kids more excited about doing household chores than making it a challenge. Design a challenging obstacle course that incorporates no less than 3 chores that must be done and speed run its completion. – Inspired by the Ackles Family