GISHMAS 2019 – Item 16 – Reindeer Games

You and your reindeer family are participating in the world famous Reindeer Games. Show us at least 3 events in the games Rudolph was famously shut out of. (You’re not like all of the other reindeer, so make sure to include him this time.)

Mario, Jenny, and Megan

GISHMAS 2019 – Item 11 – Gingerbread Parachute Milk Dunk

Successfully dunk a holiday gingerbread person cookie into a standard-sized glass of milk from a height of at least 2 stories. The cookie must have a parachute for safety reasons.


GISHMAS 2019 – Item 3 – Human Dreidel

Gather your family and friends, because it’s time to play dreidel — #GISH style! Dress up one person as a human dreidel and spin them to play. Hope you get  ג!

Mario, Jenny, and Megan

GISHMAS 2019 – Item 1 – Stocking Run

It’s time for the annual GISHMAS Stocking Run! Fill small holiday stockings, packages, or bundles with necessities like socks, water, food, mittens, etc and a few small, joyful things (small stuffed animals, playing cards, paperback books, candy, a greeting card… you get the idea) for people experiencing homelessness. Then, hang them up in an area where they will be found or if you prefer, hand them out in person to those in need.


Item 92 – FAST Song

(UP TO 30 SECONDS). One of our Gishers was able to help her mom act FAST and responded in time to help her with a stroke. Last we heard, her mom is okay, but she can’t play this year so in her honor, it’s time for a quick refresher on recognizing a stroke. Do a rendition of “Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes” with some kind of lyrics like: “Face, Arms, Speech, Call in Time (don’t waste time)! Face, Arms, Speech, Call in Time (don’t waste time)! When someone’s had a stroke their life is on the line! Face, Arms, Speech, Call in Time (don’t waste time)” with the appropriate movements. Include a link to the National Stroke Association and GISH on a final card of your video (You can hold a sign up or add an end card digitally). You may also add the link in your YouTube description, if you like. Post it on social media tagged #GISH, @robbenedict, and @american_stroke. – Inspired by Nicole’s mom