Item 25 – Appliance Revolt

(STOP MOTION) Ever notice that just after the warranty expires, your appliances break? Well, it turns out that after years of diligent service without recognition or reward, your electronics and appliances got fed up and were ready to revolt. In fact, while you were away yesterday, all your home appliances were caught having a conversation in which they were plotting to strike and overthrow you, the homeowners. (Hint: the appliance doors opening and shutting, or levers going up and down could be their mouths opening and closing and you will need to add the voiceover.)

Item 210 – Stop-Motion Shelter Donation

STOP-MOTION. You have too many things in your house, and they’re ready to leave the nest and strike out on their own to find new lives. Create a stop-motion video of at least 10 useful items you’re ready to part with packing themselves into a box, then take it to a local shelter near you.