Item 34 – Elderly Favorites Interview

Edit to 2 minutes. Immunocompromised and elderly people are facing more isolation and stress than ever. Reach out to someone elderly or immunocompromised in your community in a video chat who has been on total lockdown and video interview them on the topic of favorites. What is their favorite ice cream? Favorite color and why? Favorite movie and why? Favorite day that they remember? Etc

Item 27 – National Anthem Milk Gargle

Let’s see you Zoom an acapella concert of you and some or all of your teammates doing perfectly synchronized (meaning you all start at the same moment) ‘gargling’ of milk for exactly 10 seconds of whatever your national anthem might be. – Inspired by Ashtynn A.

Item 7 – Conversation on Race

IMAGE GRID. Attend the 3:00pm PT panel with our guests, a Conversation on Race with Daryl Davis, Baratunde Thurston, Rev. Deborah Johnson, Briona Jenkins, Jensen Ackles, and Danneel Ackles. As many members of your team as possible should attend! You’ll get bonus points for every additional person on your team that you get to watch. (If the room is full, go here to watch live) Take a screenshot of every person on your team who attended with the stream in the background as proof of attendance. Submit a grid of images if there is more than one person on your team watching. Your team will receive 20 points per person watching so your team can receive up to 300 POINTS.


Item 1 – Foliage Crown

You know those videos where they pass around an object to a few different people and they each demonstrate a different imaginary or real use of that object? No? Well, it’s epic, but we can’t remember the name of it. Let’s “next level” this and do it on Zoom with some or all of your teammates. Virtually “pass” a ‘Foliage Crown or Hat’ around on zoom. Each headpiece must be different and they all must be wearable. The first person to pass something should just be handing off a handful of weeds. Every person thereafter should “receive” a different headpiece, put it on, take it off and ‘pass’ it to the next person in the Zoom.

GISH Play-at-Home Round 1 – Item 11 – Don’t Stand So Close to Me Videoconference

People say it’s impossible to sing well in groups on videoconference calls because of delays. Prove people wrong. Let’s see at least 4 people singing 30 seconds of “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by The Police on a videoconference call. It must be perfectly harmonized and synchronized!

GISH Play-at-Home Round 1 – Item 8 – Teach a Child a Skill over Videoconference

Find a friend with a child and teach that child something you’re an expert in (pottery making, how to play an instrument, drawing, rocket science, and thermodynamics, etc.) over video conference. Send us a screengrab of you teaching the child… or if it’s a skill, send a video of you doing the skill and then the child doing the skill.

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