Item 42 – Tom Skittleston

After seeing your decades of Skittles portraits, the God of Mischief has commissioned one in his likeness, but you’re nothing if not a rebel. Create a portrait of Tom Skittleston—we mean Hiddleston—in costume out of Skittles…AND M&Ms. Your move, Loki. Post it to social media tagging @TWHiddleston, @skittles, @MMsChocolate, and #GISH. Submit your original photo to us with a link to your post in comments.

Behind the scenes

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GISH Play-at-Home Round 1 – Item 1 – GISHTalks

“Here at GISH HQ, our corporate culture believes in investing in you, our GISH Community. Please join the LIVE GISHTalks Virtual Corporate Training Workshops at the times posted. Our GISHTalks are symposiums and training seminars from some of the world’s foremost experts to help you build the skills you need for these uncertain times. Attendance is not mandatory, but please try to join as many as you can. GISHTalks: Helping you build the future of tomorrow with the tools of today. Spaces are limited: first come, first served, however, we will be streaming them all here on the GISH Hunt website for your viewing pleasure. Attend as many as you want, but you only need to submit evidence of attending one (details on how to submit will be provided on the livestream). All submissions of these livestreams should also be posted on your favorite social channel and tagged #GISH.

IMAGE. Create & post a MISSING poster for Mrs. Smith’s Cat and hang it prominently in your house.
VIDEO. Despite what Donald Trump would tell you, LAUGHTER, not sunlight, is the best medicine. Tell us your best 15-second, family-friendly joke & post it tagging @RobBenedict & @dicksp8jr & #GISH.
IMAGE. Craft your own talisman for chillaxation.
IMAGE. Figure out what Misha’s REAL first job was… & provide “evidence.”
IMAGE. Draw a gallery-worthy portrait of a bug in the style of the Renaissance masters. (Or at least, a “refrigerator worthy” one.)
VIDEO. Join us at 8 PM to globally scream out our frustrations with our resident #GISH werewolf-therapist. (You should be dressed as a werewolf, but non-lycanthropes are welcome, too.) Then submit a photo or video of your global howl- or if you missed it, send us your best lone wolf howl.”

Behind the Scenes

Printable poster

Carlyle Missing Poster


GISHMAS 2019 – Item 19 – Krampus Carol

When it comes to catchy, cheerful classic Christmas carols, Krampus is overlooked. Fix this egregious oversight with a catchy Krampus tune.

Mario, Jenny, and Megan

Behind the Scenes

Krampus Carol Sheet Music

Item 168 – Parking Fairy

Work with a child under 12 years-old to write notes of love and encouragement for motorists. Place them in official-looking envelopes marked “GISH Dept. of Parking Salutations” and put them on the windshields of cars together. Show us your little parking fairies at work or with one of their notes.

Behind the Scenes

Parking exCitation