Item 170 – Misha and the Queen – Film Pairing

Bogie and Bacall. Sandy and Danny. Doc and Marty. Turner and Hooch. Some movie duos stand the test of time, and Misha and the Queen are no different. Draw or paint a poster of HRH and Misha as an iconic pairing in a scene from a classic or beloved film. You must digitally (or old fashioned) paint or draw this. You’re not permitted to simply photoshop their heads on the bodies of actors on a movie poster. For obvious reasons, you may not depict any scene from Titanic or Gone With The Wind.

Item 125 – Misha and the Queen Commemorative Coin

Item 125 - Misha and the Queen Commemorative Coin

This year was HRH’s 90th birthday, but more importantly, it is the 7th anniversary of Misha Collins and The Queen’s torrid on-again, off-again relationship. I’d like to see a commemorative coin displayed in a fitting setting. Its value is one haypenny and this is not a drawing or a computer generated graphic. It’s a real, metal alloy coin commemorating this auspicious anniversary. – Inspired by Monica Duff