Item 47 – Physically Distanced Capture the Flag

It wouldn’t be summer camp without a game of physically-distanced Capture the Flag! Create a team flag and hang it somewhere publicly accessible outdoors that is NOT at your home or yard. Post the GPS coordinates on the GISH App or social media so other teams can locate it. Then go find at least one other team’s flag and “capture” it with a photograph. (No actual touching or taking of the flag allowed.) Make sure to include your victorious self in the picture.

GISHMAS 2019 – Item 9 – Woodland Creature Holiday Tree

“It’s not such a bad little tree… It just needs a little love.” Find the smallest, saddest little tree in a local forest or park and decorate it with 100% organic, animal-friendly consumable materials to make it a holiday tree worthy of the woodland creatures. Make sure you leave edible packages under the tree for ground-dwelling animals in need of food. But be safe, clever and kind- make sure you’re ONLY using things the animals can safely eat or use and won’t get hurt by or tangled up in!


GISHMAS 2019 – Item 8 – Frosty the Wanted Fugitive

If you ever stop to listen to the lyrics of Frosty the Snowman, it’s clear he’s a wanted fugitive. The proof: there’s a most-wanted poster of Frosty hanging in your local police department’s office.


Item 227 – #GoodbyeGISHBUS

LOCATION-BASED. The GISHBUS served us as well as it could, but there comes a time when we have to let things go and move forward-even if the GISHBUS never really could. Soon, it will belong to a new owner who will decide its fate. But we want you to have one last chance to say goodbye. So let’s send it off in GISH style!

Your ITEM:The GISHBUS is currently waiting for you at THIS LOCATION until 4PM PT tomorrow. Keep driving and hang a left. Do not bother the businesses there. Your team’s task: Say goodbye! Bring water-based paints and/or permanent markers and tag the exterior of the vehicle with the following:

Your team’s name
Write something on the bus that you or your teammates want to let go of in your lives
Submit a photo of your team mate (or proxy) with your graffiti on the bus as proof that you were there. Post your image on social media tagged with @GISHBUS, #GoodybyeGISHBUS & #GISH.

Note: Do not write over another team’s messages and leave room for other people! Also, please note that this is an industrial park. Use common sense, follow laws, don’t disturb the neighboring businesses and give high-fives to any Gishers you see. DO NOT ENTER THE BUS OR DISTURB THE TROLL INSIDE. We mean it. Doing so could mean forfeiture of points or disqualification from the Hunt.