Item 19 – House Travel Ad

Your home is more than your castle. It’s swiftly becoming a sovereign nation, and like every nation, it needs a tourism board. Create a one-page brochure or video advertising travel to your house as a coveted destination.

This submission was featured on the GISH Hall of Fame 2020 May Mini Hunt!

GISH Play-at-Home Round 1 – Item 31 – Trash Portrait

Don’t take the trash out!! Instead, use it to create a beautiful portrait of someone famous you admire. You may use pencil shavings, fireplace ash, used coffee grounds, grass clippings, dryer lint, etc. When you’re done, post it on social media and tag them and @GISH. Submit an image of your artwork. – Deidra L.

GISHMAS 2019 – Item 5 – Castiel Nutcracker

  • A Sam, Dean, or Castiel Nutcracker. (Insert your own joke here.)
  • Mario

    Item 153 – Jared Pedi-lecki

    As you know, the latest nail trend is the Jared Pedi-lecki: paint your big toe to look exactly like Jared Padalecki, complete with tufts of real hair. Or, if this seems vile to you, you may do this with any of the Supernatural cast or any prominent politician or musician.