Item 2 – Carry On Wayward Son Distanced Sing-Along

COLLABORATIVE. (UP TO ONE MINUTE) Carry on and on and on, wayward son! Using the provided backing track, record yourself singing along to Kansas’ classic anthem “Carry On Wayward Son” while holding a sign with your team name on it. You should have at least 5 physically-distanced people singing along with you — the more singers, the merrier.

Item 141 – Carry On Choir

This submission can be as long as it takes you to record it. Our music can change the world. Be part of the Gishwhes choir! Record a video selfie of yourself singing “Carry on my Wayward Son” a capella in the key of A. Your submitted recording must have “Once” starting precisely at the 1 second mark. The recording must also be in tune and on beat. (The submissions will be collected and edited into monstrous chorus.)