Item 22 – Jared RAD-alecki

PUZZLE. YOU LOOK RADISHING! – Jen K and Richard M-W. [SOLVED!] Item 22:
Jared RAD-alecki
For this GISH homage to Oaxaca’s Night of the Radishes, you’ll be carving your very own Jared RAD-alecki out of a radish in three steps.

1. Get a small carving knife as sharp as Jared’s jawline. A genuine RAD-alecki takes careful knifework, so be careful!
2. Remove the top and roots of the radish and replant it to ensure a future crop of RAD-aleckis.
3. Carve the remaining radish into your best artistic interpretation of Jared Padalecki.

GISH Play-at-Home Round 1 – Item 43 – Toothpaste Portrait

It’s such a pity that a prolific painter like yourself is low on supplies. Luckily, you still have plenty of toothpaste. Create a tiny toothpaste portrait of your favorite celebrity on the mirror and tag them with “Hey (their username), you make me smile.” Post your portrait on social media tagged #GISH.

Item 153 – Jared Pedi-lecki

As you know, the latest nail trend is the Jared Pedi-lecki: paint your big toe to look exactly like Jared Padalecki, complete with tufts of real hair. Or, if this seems vile to you, you may do this with any of the Supernatural cast or any prominent politician or musician.

Item 34 – Ackles Skittle

Item 34 - Ackles Skittle

We’ve seen Jensen Ackles portraits in Skittles. What about Jensen Ackles on Skittles? Draw a tiny Ackles on a single Skittle. Post a photo of the Skittle portrait in the palm of your hand.

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Item 91 – Supernatural Constellation

Item 91 - Supernatural Constellation

IMAGE. You know how when you draw lines to connect the stars in a constellation you see the image of the thing it’s supposed to be? You connect the stars in the Big Dipper and you see a giant ladle. The Stars of “Supernatural” deserve their own constellations. Connect the dots of stars to create a constellation in the likeness of a Supernatural actor. Your constellation must be crafted from an actual high-resolution telescope photo of stars in the night sky. You may not overlay an image over the night sky. You must connect stars to form the shape. You may use an existing image (or images) of the night sky.

Item 52 – Discovering the Padalecki

GISHWHES 2015 - Team Apokaleypse - Item 52 - Discovering the Padalecki

IMAGE. You’ve been hired to design the cover of National Geographic’s next issue, “Discovering The Padalecki.” Do a drawing, painting or digitally created image (you may photoshop existing images for this item) of the new tropical species that has been discovered, much by accident, by workers building an inland dam.