GISHWHES Takes Tumblr – Item 10 – Self-Argument

TEXT. In a “chat” post, reveal a true, fervently held opinion on a topic you feel strongly about.. Great! Now, in the same post, use the chat feature of Tumblr to argue with yourself to advocate the opposite position. You must kick your self’s ass all over the place with your argument. Your comments against yourself must elicit subsequent comments from other users imploring you to “stop hating.” (original item post)

GISHWHES Takes Tumblr – Item 6 – Precious Supernatural Moments

IMAGE. A gory scene from supernatural, recreated using Precious Moments figurines. or in the style of Precious Moments™. You can create your own photoshopped images or artistically created paintings or drawings of Precious Moments figurines or deface real ones.

GISHWHES Takes Tumblr – Item 5 – Inner Disney Princess

VIDEO: Lea Salonga is not only a Youth & UN Global Awareness ambassador, but she’s also a talented Broadway actress and singer who has provided the singing voices for many Disney princesses.

Unleash your own inner Disney princess by breaking into song while going about your routine in a public place (clothes or grocery shopping, going for a jog, DMV, clearing tables at a restaurant, riding on public transportation, walking through your school library or lunch room, etc.) Engage as many of your own “local villagers” as possible as you sing about what you want out of life. (original item post)

Behind the Scenes

YouTube upload of Mario’s submission

GISHWHES Takes Tumblr – Item 3 – Erudite Pets–cleverest/145767638311

GIF: Silly cat videos are all the rage on the Internet. But if you’ll notice, viral pet memes always make our pets look silly or grumpy or crazy. Let’s turn the tide on this. Create a captioned .gif of your pet that makes them appear exceedingly erudite, sophisticated and distinguished. Feel free to use eye glasses, pocket protectors and any other props that may help convey your pet’s true intellectualism.

GISHWHES Takes Tumblr – Item 1 – Reaction GIF–cleverest/145765612306

GIF:  Find the most boring video of you or another subject on your phone and use Tumblr’s gifmaker (or any other app) to create a “reaction” gif from a cut of this video with a text overlay that is the complete opposite of the content, the juxtaposition of which is highly entertaining.