Item 193 – MishaBot Chat

People I text with accuse me of being a “bot”, even though I’m not a bot! But in the interest of giving the people what they want, I’ve developed the latest in cutting-edge technology, MishaBot. It’s dispensing nuggets of wisdom the likes of which I have only ever dreamed of and is at least twice as “cognitively there” as Donald Trump. Follow the Twitter account and get it to reply to you or mention your team name. Submit a screenshot of what I’m sure will be a compelling conversation.

Behind the Scenes

Item 170 – Misha and the Queen – Film Pairing

Bogie and Bacall. Sandy and Danny. Doc and Marty. Turner and Hooch. Some movie duos stand the test of time, and Misha and the Queen are no different. Draw or paint a poster of HRH and Misha as an iconic pairing in a scene from a classic or beloved film. You must digitally (or old fashioned) paint or draw this. You’re not permitted to simply photoshop their heads on the bodies of actors on a movie poster. For obvious reasons, you may not depict any scene from Titanic or Gone With The Wind.

Item 108 – ArmyForGood Texts

(GRID) We need to get out the vote in the US, and we need your help to do it! Get at least 50 people to text “ArmyForGood” and “YourTeamName” (whatever that is) to Misha at (323) 405-9939. You may get the help of your team members or any other US or Canadian residents you know. Submit a grid showing all the messages. NOTE:

  1. Each person may text “ArmyForGood” ONLY ONCE, and for ONE team only.
  2. This number will only work for phone numbers in the US and Canada.
  3. If you are international, your team may use a proxy, but again, each person may only text “ArmyForGood” once, and only for one team only (their own or another). Reach out to your extended networks and outside the GISH Community to help you achieve this Item.
  4. Misha will later text everyone back about Get Out The Vote initiatives. Not during the Hunt!

GISHMAS 2019 – Item 5 – Castiel Nutcracker

  • A Sam, Dean, or Castiel Nutcracker. (Insert your own joke here.)
  • Mario

    Item 209 – Crumb Misha Collins

    Gishwhes is over tonight! Forever! The crumbs of the great multi-year, wild and weird global feast are soon to be all that’s left. Let’s see you work magic on these crumbs (real bread crumbs or whatever other crumbs you wish to use) and turn them into a portrait of actor Misha Collins.

    Item 34 – Ackles Skittle

    Item 34 - Ackles Skittle

    We’ve seen Jensen Ackles portraits in Skittles. What about Jensen Ackles on Skittles? Draw a tiny Ackles on a single Skittle. Post a photo of the Skittle portrait in the palm of your hand.

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    Item 13 – Picasso’s Lost Supernatural

    Item 13 - Picasso's Lost Supernatural

    It’s a well-known fact that Pablo Picasso was a huge “Supernatural” fan. He painted portraits of Mark Sheppard, Jensen Ackles, Ruth Connell, Sam Smith, Richard Speight Jr., Matt Cohen, Jared Padalecki, Andrew Dabb, Rob Benedict, Misha Collins, Bob Singer, and many of the other cast and crew members. Sadly, until now, these great works have been lost to the world. Fortunately, your team has unearthed one of these priceless works.