Item 58 – #RandomActs4Holli

The GISH and Random Acts communities just lost one of our own to cancer: Holli was a dear friend, Gisher, and volunteer. She was also a longtime champion for food equity, so we’re taking up the mantle: Sign up to volunteer or make a donation to , the food bank where Holli devoted her time, or your local food bank or a food equity program while wearing a crown of holly, real or manufactured. Post a photo of you in your crown with proof of your donation on social media tagging @randomactsorg, #GISH, and #RandomActs4Holli.

Item 22 – Jared RAD-alecki

PUZZLE. YOU LOOK RADISHING! – Jen K and Richard M-W. [SOLVED!] Item 22:
Jared RAD-alecki
For this GISH homage to Oaxaca’s Night of the Radishes, you’ll be carving your very own Jared RAD-alecki out of a radish in three steps.

1. Get a small carving knife as sharp as Jared’s jawline. A genuine RAD-alecki takes careful knifework, so be careful!
2. Remove the top and roots of the radish and replant it to ensure a future crop of RAD-aleckis.
3. Carve the remaining radish into your best artistic interpretation of Jared Padalecki.

Item 65 – Distanced Duel

En garde! No campaign would be complete without an epic duel… but in this realm, the restrictions of the plague are still in effect! You and a friend must re-create part or all of a famous fantasy or cinematic duel using this effect. Post on TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter and tag #GISH and #GISHDistancedDuel

Item 200 – Wozdom Day 3 – Happy Place Brochure

Steve Wozniak’s 70th GISH birthday bash continues! Create a travel brochure for your “Happy Place.” It should exemplify whatever, whoever, or wherever makes you happy. Describe it in the copy of the brochure and post a copy of it on social media tagged #GISH, #HappyPlace & #WozDomDay3 Submit the original image with a link to your post in comments.