Item 5 – #HorrifyingBeauty

ZOOM LIVESCREAM. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31, 12:00 PM PT: Monsters, Makeup & Mayhem With Victoria Righthand!
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Livescream Challenge: The only difference between “monsters” and “non-monsters” is society’s tired standard of “stereotypical” beauty, and it’s time we retire this expectation of physical beauty. Make an Instagram grid of at least 6 images showing #HorrifyingBeauty looks of lovely monsters (using makeup skills you learned here). You can use makeup, nontoxic skin-safe paint, or food/condiments or whatever’s within your claws to achieve your looks.

Item 258 – Get #GISH Trending

We’re not above shameless self-promotion, and it’s our 10th annual Hunt so let’s go out with a bang this year. Get #GISH trending in the Top 10 on Twitter before the Hunt closes. Submit a screenshot of your contribution (a tweet showing the tag, timestamped between 9:30 and 10:30 PM PT) and a link to your tweet.

Item 250 – Friendship Bracelet of Hope

The stress of the pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of many, and a lot of people have been spending a lot of extra time in isolation – so it’s important to be our own best friends. Weave a message of hope, strength, or resilience into a friendship bracelet to remind yourself to be kind to yourself and that you are loved. (Then, make a matching one for someone you know who is feeling lonely.)