Item 191 – Washington Pawst Animal Interview

Many pet shelters are facing decreased adoptions and donations due to the economic downturn and COVID, but we can help. Remotely contact your local pet shelter and coordinate to get the photo and story of their most at-risk animal. Write a hard-hitting “Washington Pawst” article as though you interviewed this incarcerated friend. Post it publicly on your social media along with their picture and adoption details. Submit an image of your story and photo along with a link to your post. (Keep tabs on the pet and let us know if they get adopted!)

Item 185 – ASL Children’s Story

(UP TO 1 MINUTE) Our friend Shoshannah Stern reads children’s stories in ASL with her Operation ASL Storytime. Let’s take a page out of her book: Find your favorite childhood story and read a page from it, all in sign language. (If you aren’t fluent, contact someone who is to verify accuracy. Any dialect is fine.) PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT post it online tagged with Shoshannah’s hashtag. That is a resource to provide linguistic access to children who are at risk of language deprivation. We need to keep that resource protected and accessible, so we’re serious about this: Don’t use her hashtag or you will be penalized! If you have posted with the hashtag, please delete and repost.

Item 177 – #GISH4Equailty

The Black Lives Matter movement inspired a lot of people to take action to address the realities of police brutality and the oppression that people of color live within many parts of the world every day. Thousands of people from all walks of life have been protesting, but with shelter-in-place restrictions and health considerations due to COVID, not everybody who has wanted to attend a rally or protest has been able to do so. We’re changing that. We’re hosting a virtual rally: post an image of yourself holding a poster with a message supporting equality or calling for an end to police brutality. Tag it #GISH4Equality and encourage your friends and teammates to participate, too. Then, submit your photo grid of yourself with your poster as well as the photos of other friends and teammates that joined in. Please submit the original picture grid of yourselves with your posters, NOT a screenshot of your posts.

Item 170 – Misha and the Queen – Film Pairing

Bogie and Bacall. Sandy and Danny. Doc and Marty. Turner and Hooch. Some movie duos stand the test of time, and Misha and the Queen are no different. Draw or paint a poster of HRH and Misha as an iconic pairing in a scene from a classic or beloved film. You must digitally (or old fashioned) paint or draw this. You’re not permitted to simply photoshop their heads on the bodies of actors on a movie poster. For obvious reasons, you may not depict any scene from Titanic or Gone With The Wind.