Item 4 – #WeSowWeGrow

Plant the seeds of change to end food waste. Grow something from your food scraps or waste in your kitchen. Show us you planting it, then if there is any sprout or progress by the end of the week, show that, too. Oh- and you should upcycle something that’s not typically a planter as your pot (an old shoe, a disused jewelry box, etc.) Post an image of your planter on social media tagged #WeSowWeGrow!

GISH Play-at-Home Round 2 – Item 35 – #PassTheBallot Challenge

It’s the #PassTheBallot Challenge! Get at least 5 Americans to pledge to vote via mail-in ballot and if possible in their location, request a mail-in or absentee ballot, then take a video passing a sign that says ‘I WILL VOTE’ between them. (Similarly, if you are not in the USA, and your country also does voter registration, do the same.) Add upbeat music and post on social media tagged #PassTheBallotChallenge and #GISH, then send US the original video.

GISH Play-at-Home Round 2 – Item 26 – Penny Aphrosim

A penny for your thoughts! Coin a phrase. In as beautiful a display as is humanly possible when you’re limited to your home, “write” out the next optimistic aphorism or mantra everyone will be saying after the pandemic. Your message should be spelled out entirely in coins.

GISH Play-at-Home Round 2 – Item 7 – Conversation on Race

IMAGE GRID. Attend the 3:00pm PT panel with our guests, a Conversation on Race with Daryl Davis, Baratunde Thurston, Rev. Deborah Johnson, Briona Jenkins, Jensen Ackles, and Danneel Ackles. As many members of your team as possible should attend! You’ll get bonus points for every additional person on your team that you get to watch. (If the room is full, go here to watch live) Take a screenshot of every person on your team who attended with the stream in the background as proof of attendance. Submit a grid of images if there is more than one person on your team watching. Your team will receive 20 points per person watching so your team can receive up to 300 POINTS.

GISH Play-at-Home Round 2 – Item 4 – POC Solidarity Sign

Last quarantine hunt we had people making signs to show appreciation for first responders and medical professionals. This Hunt, we would like to turn our attention to showing support to people of color whose lives are impacted or even lost because of the institutional racism in the American criminal justice system. Make a sign showing your solidarity for Black Lives Matter or in memory of George Floyd or other people of color impacted by racism and post it in your window or in your front yard.

GISH Play-at-Home Round 2 – Item 2 – Racial Inequality Portrait

Create a portrait of one of the far too many black people who have been hurt or killed by racial inequality in America. It must be in black and white — no color and no shades of grey. Post it on social media along with a short description of who this person was and how their life was taken. Tag it #NotOneMore & #BlackLivesMatter. Upload your artwork (not a screenshot of your social media post) to the GISH website.

GISH Play-at-Home Round 1 – Item 53 – COVID Hug

Since we can no longer give each other big, warm, cuddly hugs, it’s time we invent the official hug or hug routine of social distancing. Props, noises, physical impossibiliites… they are all welcome. Let’s see two people warmly “embracing” each other with “the new COVID hug” (obviously from a distance of at least 6 feet).