Item 108 – ArmyForGood Texts

(GRID) We need to get out the vote in the US, and we need your help to do it! Get at least 50 people to text “ArmyForGood” and “YourTeamName” (whatever that is) to Misha at (323) 405-9939. You may get the help of your team members or any other US or Canadian residents you know. Submit a grid showing all the messages. NOTE:

  1. Each person may text “ArmyForGood” ONLY ONCE, and for ONE team only.
  2. This number will only work for phone numbers in the US and Canada.
  3. If you are international, your team may use a proxy, but again, each person may only text “ArmyForGood” once, and only for one team only (their own or another). Reach out to your extended networks and outside the GISH Community to help you achieve this Item.
  4. Misha will later text everyone back about Get Out The Vote initiatives. Not during the Hunt!

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