Item 173 – Historical Rap (Norton I)

You may have heard about a little show called Hamilton. Lin Manuel Miranda lit up Broadway with his innovative style, combining traditional theater and rap to engage delighted theater goers with the story of history’s hippest President. But that was just a big “win all the 2016 Tonys” ploy. We want to hear and see– in full costume a rap song about another historical figure important to you. Upload a 15 second video on the site AND send it to @Lin_Manuel.


Joshua Norton, self-proclaimed emperor
More ambitious than any contemporar-y
Ruling the Americas from San Francisco
Let him be our leader if he wants to believe

‘Cause it’s all special thanks to the Emperor’s decree
That the gap was bridged by Interstate 80
So here’s to our leader, first in line of one
I salute you, Norton, Emperor second to none

Behind the Scenes


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