Item 174 – Erdös Certificate 2016

Item 174 - Erdös Certificate

We here at gishwhes feel that it’s important to embrace A.I. because – let’s be honest – it just feels good. We also feel it’s important to be able to identify species other than our own when the time comes (soon) that aliens arrive (likely borough or splatter) on our planet. If we can’t make these differentiations, we put ourself at extreme risk of interstellar species misidentification (a plight none of us should be subjected to nor a party of). Accordingly, please treat this item and the ensuing exercise with the respect and devotion it deserves. You’ll also get points. So there’s that. If that’s still not enough, know that this is part of a legitimate research paper that will further scientific research methods worldwide. If it’s not clear, Gishwhes likes supporting science in addition to stormtrooper humiliation, weird food art, and global kindness.

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