Item 155 – Personal Compass

Olympian Simone Biles proved she is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) at this year’s Olympics — not just through her athleticism, but by putting her own mental health first. She had the “twisties,” a phenomenon where a gymnast’s brain loses track of where they are. Metaphorically, we’ve all been there and had times where we feel a little lost. Create a personal compass to help reorient yourself, with the things you value most at true North.

Item 150 – Home Improvement Helper

Your neighbor or one of your best friends has been putting off a small home improvement project, something that would only take an hour or two but summoning the energy to do it during the pandemic has been too stressful. Knock off some of their stress by helping them to complete that project, then show us the before and after. – Diane B.

Item 148 – Tokitae Haiku

Tokitae the orca was captured from the Puget Sound 50 years ago and has been imprisoned in a small tank at the Miami Sea Aquarium for years, Her mother and the rest of her pod are alive and living near Washington/Canada. The Lummi tribe has a sea pen ready for her and want to bring her home, where the tribe and her pod can care for her and prove that orcas will recognize and accept family even after 50 years, but the owner of the Miami Seaquarium won’t let her go. Write a haiku with a watercolor image of Tokitae about family belonging together and post it to social media. Tag the @MiamiSeaquarium & #GISH. – Chazlyn L.

Item 145 – Refuge Restrooms Contribution

33 US states introduced over 100 anti-trans bills in the 2021 legislative season, the majority of which were aimed at trans children, and the US isn’t alone: too many other countries have discriminatory policies against trans individuals! Of course, we know you’ll speak to your legislators about this, but in the meantime, trans folks need to be safe to live their lives. Download Refuge Restrooms (or go to their site) and add entries to confirmed safe bathrooms for trans and gender non-conforming individuals near you. You must actually confirm the location is trans-friendly! Submit a screenshot proving you added an entry.