Item 19 – Face Your Fears

CALLING ALL GISHERS: There’s one Thing you have always wanted to do, but you’re scared. Maybe it’s skydiving, riding a motorcycle, holding a tarantula, singing in public, or cliff diving… You get the idea. By the end of GISH week at least 3 gishers on your team will spit in the eye of fear, vanquish it and do their Thing. Submit a video compilation of each member of your team first explaining what they are scared to try (before they do it) and then, after they Do the Thing, telling us how it went.

This submission was included in the GISH 2018 Coffee Table Book!

Behind the Scenes

Item 138 – Overcoming Prejudice

Prejudice is something we can easily see and call out in others. However, we all have biases and prejudices of our own that we are often blind to. You’re going to have to dig deep here – but you’re a gisher, so we know you can do it. Show us you taking a step to overcome one of your own prejudices.

Item 30 – New Leash on Life

THIS ITEM MUST BE POSTED ON SOCIAL MEDIA PRIOR TO THE END OF THE HUNT! NEW LEASH ON LIFE USA adopts otherwise unadoptable dogs and sends them through a unique training program. Shelter pets rarely get any attention and millions are put down each year. Many times this can be avoided if people on the Interwebs (who would like and could responsibly own a pet) were to see how cute, available, lonely and cuddly they are. Let’s save a pet or two (or thousands). Grab a friend or two and visit a shelter. Spend some time with one or more of the pets there. Post a selfie of your favorite pet looking for a “forever home” on Twitter (tagging @NewLeashUSA) or Instagram (tagging @NewLeashOnLifeUSA), using hashtag #adoptmeplease, and the social media handle or name of the shelter (so people can contact them). Submit the image you take on our site, but provide the link to your social media post link in the comment field of the submit page.

Behind the Scenes

Item 12 – Pet Memorial

Many of us have lost pets in our lifetime. As a memorial to a loved pet that is now frolicking in the clouds chasing or sniffing whatever it was that pet liked to chase/sniff, write a poem or haiku about that loved one, or create a small shrine in nature comprised of items the dog loved and a photo of him or her.

LISH 2016 – Item 1 – Dinosaurs at a Historic Site

Visit a historic site you’ve never been to before. Learn about its history and take photographs. Use the photographs in a collage depicting the history of the location. All people in the collage must be depicted as dinosaurs. Caption the image with a brief history of the site.