Item 37 – NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund GoFundMe

Using this link, create a Fundraising page for your team, and get family, friends, and others to donate. Since this is GISH and there’s always an extra twist to everything we do, here’s the deal: we also want you to get OTHERS to donate to your GoFundMe Charity page. We know you don’t need “points” as an incentive to help oppressed people, but since it is part of the Hunt, we want to maximize the power of these points to help. Get at least 10 donations from friends, family, individuals or businesses NOT on your team. You and your team members are welcome to donate to your campaign, but that is not a requirement for points- the Item requirement is to get at least 10 people to make a cumulative total of least 10 donations from donors who are NOT on your team. There is no minimum to donate for GISH purposes, but GoFundMe Charity does require a minimum $10 donation be collected, and let’s all please encourage others to be generous so we can make a profound impact.

SUBMIT a screenshot of your team’s page with a minimum of 10 donations on it. (To initially create a fundraising team, click the FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN button.) If for any reason your team is unable to (or chooses not to) join this GoFundMe Charity campaign, you may still get points for this Item by supporting another organization that seeks to improve your local or the broader community through increased inclusivity, resource enrichment or education. PLEASE SUBMIT PROOF YOU HAVE DONE THIS. If your team is in the top 10% of number of donations or dollar amount, you’ll receive triple points for this Item. Our goal is to raise $40,000 at a minimum. We know it’s a lofty goal – but we believe in you. Misha and the GISH Gnomes have donated $10,000 to get us started. Let’s do this!

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