GISH App Challenge #5: GISH Bond

IMAGE. It’s easy to be convinced by life that we share nothing in common with people when we might be surprised by how alike we really are. Using the GEOGISH map in your app, connect with a Gisher who lives at least 500 miles from you that you do not already know (we are TRUSTING you on this, so no cheating or you lose 43,893 karma points). Direct message them on the app and try to identify the most startling, weird, unexpected, odd and happily surprising commonality you share. It can be an experience, personality trait, hidden talent, hobby, trait, anything, etc.

Celebrate your commonality on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and/or Tumblr) by posting two images side-by-side of both of you that exemplify your commonality. In the copy of the post, write a short description of this freakish connection. Use hashtag #GISHBond and make sure your post is public. The weirder, the wilder the connection, the better.

**Note:** You can be in more than one post.



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