Item 206 – We Are Sorry, Sweden

“We got this letter to our support gnomes:

Message : Hello Gishpeople. I want to question why there are so many specific-locations-that-aren’t-Sweden only items, and no Sweden only items. I speak for all Swedes when we say that we find this very saddening. We don’t understand how you could miss out on an opportunity like this, since Sweden is a very beautiful country, containting great things such as Dalahästar.

We, as a nation, expect a formal apology for this, of course.

All our love, and some sad wonders,


Sweden, you’re absolutely right! You are a beautiful country and it’s time we stopped overlooking you. You deserve a formal apology as requested and so in the interest of international diplomacy, it’s our duty to deliver and rectify this egregious oversight. With that in mind, (I hope you’ll forgive me but this is a location-specific image to appease Sweden, guys): Take a picture of yourself in front of the biggest landmark or point of interest in your town while holding a beautiful hand-lettered sign that reads, “We Are Sorry, Sweden”. This is a location-based item, so you may do this anywhere in the world… except Sweden.”

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