Item 99 – Save the Bees

Item 99 - Save the Bees

The bees are disappearing from our planet. This is particularly tragic for gishers, given our reliance on honey for getting things to stick to our skin (oh yeah, and also because we kind of need them to pollinate the flowering plants on Earth, which we depend on for food). Help save the bees by establishing a milkweed garden, creating a painting or mural honoring bees, helping out at your local apiary, protesting the use of glysophates, supporting an organization dedicated to bee preservation, or in any other way you see fit.

Jamie put together this Crowdrise campaign to help plant new bee habitats. Bee pollination is basically how food works, so I’d highly recommend sending over your support! This campaign extends beyond the duration of GISHWHES 2016, so it’s never too late to contribute.

Team Apokaleypse Crowdrise Page

Also check out deezbees for more cursory info on bees.

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