Item 184 – Siri Gossip

Siri and Alexa and Cortana are always so helpful, but after being on call 24/7 for so long, lately we’ve noticed they’re all starting to get an attitude… in fact, you just caught them gossiping about you. The video will show at least two devices (for example, the Alexa and an iPhone) and we will hear them gossiping about you.

Item 110 – Horrendous String Quartet

A string quartet in formal black attire, playing horrendously in a public area (such as a mall). The sign next to them reads, “NEED LESSONS- PLEASE HELP.” Any funds collected should be donated to a local children’s music program. (Note: Please remember your Commandments & ensure busking is legal wherever you set up.)

Behind the Scenes

Item 81 – Reverse Poetry

Recite a poem backward (so it can be heard correctly if played in reverse). The first part of your video must be you saying the poem in reverse and then the second part, the same recording played backward so we can hear it the right way. You may NOT use technology to play the poem in reverse – you must recite it backward yourself. – Kaia M.

Behind the Scenes