Item 127 – Little Free Library

Create a Little Free Library ( or Little Free Pantry ( in your community. One catch: include a bookmark in every book explaining why you included it & something spoiler-free you love about that book, and each shelf-stable food item you stock in the pantry must include a note with a recipe and words of encouragement. – Inspired by April B.

Behind the Scenes

Item 54 – Wedding Cake Rocket

“Love lifts us up where we belong.” Now that you’re getting hitched, it’s time to make the cliche a reality. Create a fully decorated wedding cake that is also a fully functioning rocket. The cake must be at least 3 layers high, made of real cake, and traditionally decorated, and must be successfully launched at least 6 feet in the air—the higher it goes, the better.

Behind the Scenes

Item 173 – Tomato Trebuchet (Custom Item 9)

Complete one of the more challenging items on your team’s homemade gishwhes Item List.

We selected item 9 from our custom list:

Potato cannons are so over, let’s see a functional tomato trebuchet. Extra points if you can hit within a 5′ diameter target from 50′ away.

Behind the Scenes

GISHWHES National Scavenger Hunt Day Minihunt – Item 3 – The Knight and the Snail

As all Gishers know, Medieval Knights were often depicted battling snails and nobody knows why… except you. YOU know. Show us a historical re-enactment that adequately explains this centuries-old rivalry.


A million years ago, or so
Is where I’ll set my tale
Of a knight most fair who became aware
Of our humble hero snail

The snail was a victim of the old caste system
Of systematic oppression
She prayed the knight would heed her plight
But soon she’d learn her lesson

“Sir Knight,” said she, “with your chivalry
Will you ‘ear me plea o’ woe?
Me family’s got naught t’ eat
We could use your ‘help, by jove!”

Well the knight said:

Behind the Scenes

Item 174 – Football Field Skateboard Traversal

VIDEO. (Time lapse this down to 20 seconds.) Travel across the narrow part of a level football field (or the equivalent of 150 feet on level grassed ground). You cannot touch the ground with any part of your body and you cannot have anyone push or pull you. You’re only allowed to use a skateboard, two pieces of string or rope no more than 5 feet long each and a clothespin. (NOTE: You can’t use the clothespin as an extension of your hand or foot to push you along the ground.)